Lance Kirk, LGA – Chairman

Lance KirkLance Kirk is a third generation native Nevadan and resident of Las Vegas since 1990. He has a passion for sustainable and environmental design, believing that holistic systems thinking is key to sustaining the built environment and the earth’s resources.

His desire to increase knowledge and bring awareness of sustainable design to the profession of architecture and the desert southwest region spurred him to found the AIA Las Vegas Chapter of the Committee on the Environment in 2001. Through this organization, he secured funding that brought both the Ten Shades of Green Exhibit and the Sustaining Nevada Lecture Series to Las Vegas. Furthermore, Lance was co-founder of the U.S. Green Building Council – Nevada Chapter and served as the founding President.

Currently, his focus is in developing affordable, community-based, sustainable projects which focus on net zero energy, water and carbon in Southern Nevada.

Kathy Lauckner, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dr. Kathleen Lauckner moved to the desert from the beautiful coastal region of southern New Jersey and quickly adapted to its contrasting ecosystem. She is retired from UNLV following a 31- year career in Environmental Risk Assessment and Abatement education. During her tenure, she earned her Master’s Degree, in Adult Education (1991) and her Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership-Workforce Education, (2012); building on her life-long education and work in Environmental Science. Kathy’s research projects focus on topics relating to neighborhood reconstruction and rehabilitation which culminate in the rebuilding of healthy homes and strives to eliminate the hazards of community toxins that homeowners may unknowingly be exposed to.

Currently, she volunteers as a C3 board member for NCL and as a consultant to D.C. advocacy groups still waging battles to combat Lead Poisoning. Dr. Lauckner serves as an adjunct Professor at Nevada State College teaching Environmental Law, and also to UNLV, teaching Introduction to Public Health. As an Emerita member of UNLV she hopes to continue to serve the University on the Women’s Counsel, striving for equality for all women on campus.

Kathy’s inter-related community initiatives intertwine her interest of education, environment and research and affords her the opportunity to bring her sense of ‘community’ to the Nevada Conservation League. As a C3 board member she wishes to work in the realm of outreach and construct an educational forum that will infuse the need for conservation of our western energy resources and open lands into our legislation, education and community consciousness. To her, this is a natural extension of the community rehabilitation program that is her passion.

Deidre Radford

Deidre has been a fixture in Nevada’s clean energy movement. She has been a project manager at Bombard Renewable Energy for 10 years, focusing primarily on residential & small commercial solar power system and battery storage systems. Deidre has also served as President and Past President for Solar NV (American Solar Energy Society Southern Nevada Chapter). Deidre is also an accomplished musician and is active in a variety of issues and political activities.

Megan Jones

Megan Jones, a native Nevadan, has been a campaign operative in her home state for over 20 years. Megan has worked with Harry Reid and has been helping guide Nevada’s clean energy and public lands advocacy community. Committed to the values of the West, she counts as some of her most meaningful work, the management of a coalition to advocate for the successful creation of two national monuments in Nevada. She is active in the Las Vegas community and served as a founding board member for Emerge Nevada Chapter and currently serves on the board of the Nevada Conservation League Education Fund, KNPR, the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, and Second Chance.  Her favorite title is mom to two amazing kids and wife to Clark County Commissioner, Justin Jones.

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